Feelings Checkin

Feelings checkin is a Recurse Center tradition, which is designed to give people a space to share and process their feelings. I find that it’s really useful to reflect on the feelings I’ve been having, so I started a feelings checkin group shortly after leaving the Recurse Center. It’s really easy to do, so if you would value having a space to process your emotions, you too can start a feelings checkin group!

Feelings checkin is a weekly event, usually with somewhere from 3 to 10 people who attend. It’s a space to reflect on the feelings you’ve had over the past week. It’s held in a private, hopefully comfy room. The structure is as follows:

I’ve found feelings checkin to be a wonderful addition to my life, and I really value the community around the feelings checkin group that I run. It’s really easy to run, and I highly recommend starting a feelings checkin group if it’s something that you think would be valuable for you <3